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TC - Concord, CA
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | All Styles | Anytime
I would like to play at least two times a week during the work week around 7:00 P.M. Also occassional Sat. or Sun. morning.
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egarces - Concord, CA
Advanced (5.0) | All Styles | Anytime
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wititw - Concord, CA
Intermediate (3.5) | All Styles | Anytime
Baseliner, occasionally go up to the net to finish the point. Decent groundstrokes on both wings. Weak serve and volley. Trying to improve my game.
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eternalsunshin3 - Concord, CA
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | Casual / Fun | Anytime
Looking for any tennis buddies of any level- I just want to get out on the court! I enjoy rallying and the occasional set if we feel like it.
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Steve64 - Concord, CA
Intermediate (3.5) | Competitive / Practice | Weekdays
I need to get back into Tennis to increase my fitness. Haven't played competitively for 25 years.
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Tom Cronin - Concord, CA
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | Casual / Fun | Anytime
Enjoy tennis for the excercise and development.
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BobH - Concord, CA
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
Just want to meet new players!
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Tacey - Concord, CA (Willow Pass Road)
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | Competitive / Practice | Weekdays
really want to have tennis buddies to play regularly, like twice a week.
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night.court - Concord, CA
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | All Styles | Anytime
Enjoy a good competitive game, it helps to raise my game level. Fairly new to the sport but absolutely love it and playing everyday to get great at...
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Demian - Concord, CA
Intermediate / Advanced (4.0) | Competitive / Practice | Anytime
I used to be pretty good. I havent played too much in awhile, but Id like to start palying again. Once the rust wears off, im sure I still have a...
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