Frisco, TX Tennis

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girldfw - Frisco, TX
Beginner I (1.0) | Casual / Fun | Anytime

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Stevenm3333 - Frisco, TX (The Trails)
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | Casual / Fun | Weekends

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JRome - Frisco, TX
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | Competitive / Practice | Weekends
I played competitively in high school and have been playing for fun ever since. Just want to stay active, so anyone interested in a game or volley...
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Terk1 - Frisco, TX
Intermediate / Advanced (4.0) | Casual / Fun | Anytime
Love the game and will play anyone who can hold a good game.
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troy - Frisco, TX (The Trails)
Intermediate / Advanced (4.0) | Casual / Fun | Weekends
Love playing tennis. Have played in USTA and various flex leagues but haven't played much in the last few months. Trying to get back into it.
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Tass - Frisco, TX (Frisco Bridges)
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
I was a high school and collegiate player, however, I haven't played since. I knowthe mechanics of the game but need to get back in the "swing" of...
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Rhino - Frisco, TX (Frisco/plano)
Beginner II (2.0) | Competitive / Practice | Anytime
I also get together with a group of other beginners one night a week in Dallas. Most of us are learning together but it's a lot of fun. Let me know...
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friscotennis - Frisco, TX (Plantation Resort)
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | All Styles | Anytime
Have not played in years but wanting to get back into it.
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mikefrisco - Frisco, TX
Intermediate (3.5) | All Styles | Weekends

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Nyaws - Frisco, TX (Panther Creek)
Beginner II (2.0) | Competitive / Practice | Weekdays
Im fairly new to the area and I would like to get exercise in more ways than the gym.
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