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Luis978 - Lawrence, MA
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | All Styles | Anytime

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feather - Lawrence, MA
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays

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AirForceDude - Lawrence, MA (114 North Andover Line)
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
Hey Just got out of the Air Force, Going to college looking for someone to play, or at least know how to hit the ball(unlike my girlfriend). Don't...
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JCharp0912 - Methuen, MA
Beginner II (2.0) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
I am just getting back in the game. I am looking for a partner to play with as much as possible. Limited times due to work and family. It is a...
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Chanto - Methuen, MA
Intermediate / Advanced (4.0) | Casual / Fun | Anytime
I'm just a high school player that wants to get better. I'll play with 3.5+, and I think I am 3.5-4.0 self rated humbly.
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JessicaL - North Andover, MA
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | All Styles | Weekdays
Played club tennis for several years in college, but relocated to this area and havnt found a good group to play with yet. Would love to get back...
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Ross - Lowell, MA
Intermediate / Advanced (4.0) | All Styles | Anytime
Ill hit with anyone. Also Looking for a partner to hit with on a regular basis if possible. Practice, drills, and up for challenge matches also.
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brenmulder - Lowell, MA
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | All Styles | Anytime
I live in Lowell but Im willing to travel to Boston to play. Im a shift worker so I dont have every weekend off. Id like to play on a day I have...
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Mike00 - Lowell, MA
Intermediate / Advanced (4.0) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
I enjoy hitting/drilling and playing. Live in Lowell and work in Salem, MA, so I would be willing to play in the North Shore area or near Lowell.
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rctvguy - Lowell, MA
Intermediate (3.5) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
Nothing to impressive but I can be competitive to most. I'm very rusty considering its been about five years since playing consistantly
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