Trevor T | Monson, MA | Male (39)

Skill Level: 3.0 Intermediate

Best time to play: Weekdays Mornings, but open to try anytime.

More info: I just want to play. I'm still working out a couple… see more

J. Beaulieu | Springfield, MA | Male (56)

Skill Level: 2.0 Beginner

Best time to play: Currently, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons are the best time. More broadly speaking, daytime during the middle of the week works for me.

More info: I am looking for a way to stay in shape this winter.… see more

Eva Anderson | Enfield, CT | Female (43)

Skill Level: 3.5 Advanced Intermediate

Best time to play: any

More info: I have been playing for 18 years but not the last… see more