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lindsay - Newport News, VA (Groome Rd)
Beginner II (2.0) | All Styles | Anytime
12 years old not the best at tennis 1 thing i want to get better at.
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rtrose - Newport News, VA (Kiln Creek)
Advanced / Intermediate (4.5) | All Styles | Weekends
Looking for hitting partners to practice and also play some matches.
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jago - Newport News, VA (Miller's Pond)
Intermediate / Advanced (4.0) | All Styles | Weekends
Want to start playing again, practice sessions or matches. Weekends are generally free.
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b4forty - Newport News, VA (Lee Hall)
Intermediate (3.5) | All Styles | Weekends
I work M-F, available weekends. Looking for a hitting partner.
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lee - Newport News, VA
Intermediate (3.5) | All Styles | Anytime
need to work out - yard work not enough.
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keekee - Hampton, VA (Buckroe Beach)
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | All Styles | Anytime

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zeus - Hampton, VA (Coliseum Mall)
Intermediate (3.5) | All Styles | Weekends

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Trenflad357 - Suffolk, VA
Intermediate (3.5) | Casual / Fun | Anytime
I've been playing off and on since highschool. I love to either hit around or play sets, prefer singles. Can play pretty much whenever with advance...
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seaglass88 - Norfolk, VA (Ocean View)
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
I played varsity singles and doubles, even won a state championship once upon a time. I had a tennis related accident that injured my spine and I...
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O'Neil - Norfolk, VA (Wards Corner)
Intermediate (3.5) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
Looking to play competitive games. I'm decent from the forehand and backhand side. Decent serve. Love to compete whether I win or lose.
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