Sung Woo | Washington, NJ | Male (42)

Skill Level: 3.5 Advanced Intermediate

Best time to play: Thu-Sun

More info: I'm up for anything -- hitting around, games, drills,… see more

Brad Demsky | Hampton, NJ | Male (50)

Skill Level: 4.5 Advanced Competitor

Joe Faiella | Easton, PA | Male (64)

Skill Level: 3.0 Intermediate

Best time to play: anytime

More info: Played tennis in my younger years at a competitive… see more

Cathryn G | Easton, PA | Female (24)

Skill Level: 2.0 Beginner

Best time to play: Some mornings or late afternoons

More info: Played varsity tennis in high school but haven't played… see more

Paul Baluyut | Budd Lake, NJ | Male (29)

Skill Level: 4.0 Competitor