Improvements Coming Soon

Improvements Coming Soon

by Let's Play Tennis (Posts: 9) » about 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your patronage over the past few years. Our website has been stale for a few years, but we'll be making significant improvements over the next few years. If you have input on additional features, bug reports and any suggestions, we would like to hear about them.

Here are a list of features we'll be adding soon.

  1. Improved search capabilities
  2. Coaches - we'll add sections on the website for coaches
  3. Courts - We'll display list of all tennis courts (indoor & outdoor), and condition of the courts.
  4. SMS messaging - Email is no longer a reliable communication medium as many ISPs flag computer generated messages as spams. We'll provide an option to add a phone number in your profile, and an ability to receive SMS messages for play requests.
  5. Add an ability to blacklist a person from contact you. If someone is harassing you or if you do not wish to hear from someone, you should be able to block that person from contacting you.

Phase II development:

  1. Ladder Management
  2. League Management
  3. Tournament Management

The above are only a short list of features we'll be adding. If you have additional features that you would like to see on our website, please let us know and we'll be glad to add them to our list.

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by Max W (Posts: 1) » about 12 months ago

Hi développer 

i would like to know if it was possible to add some sort of reviews about ppl s profile , that way u can know who is really active and what their actual level is .. of course would have to b managed well as sometimes ppl can post harmful reviews just because they are upset at something or someone for the wrong reasons. In general though tennis ppl are respectful and responsible and a feedback/ review system would benefit everyone.

also , maybe make this into an app with chatting capabilities as a few such apps exist , it allows u to skip the sms/email messages and is kinda more direct and may get more attention from users . 

One last thing , can u widen the search to a range of levels not just from 4-5 fkr example but let’s say 3.5-5 ? Thx for all ur work , keep it up ..


by Dave Burkle (Posts: 1) » about 11 months ago

Would like to be able to sort by Last Active date, so we don't waste time contacting people that haven't been active in years.


by Ben Patino (Posts: 1) » about 10 months ago

Am I already getting emails for notifications if someone writes me through the site?