Alex Crosby

Alex Crosby (4.5)

Last online: 2019-08-26 at 07:28 PM

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Lives in: New York City, NY

Gender: Male

Age: 2024

Skill Level: 4.5 Advanced Competitor

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Game Type: Singles & Doubles

Game Style: Competitive

Best time to play: Anytime but Mon./Thurs.

Personal Website:

Hi everyone! I am a college student at Fordham Lincoln Center (60th and Columbus). I played tennis in highschool, and our team went to the state championship in Florida all four years. So, I am looking for competition, but also just practice and hitting to improve my game since I haven't played competitively in college. I am free almost every day except for Mondays and Thursdays, please message me if you want to hit!

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