Robert Butler

Robert Butler (3.5)

Last online: 2023-08-08 at 01:23 AM

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Lives in: Marmaduke, AR

Gender: Male

Age: 72

Skill Level: 3.5 Advanced Intermediate

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Game Type: Singles & Doubles

Game Style: Any style

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I played competitively in high school but haven't played much since then. I try to stay in shape to play. I walk 5-10 miles a day right now. I'd like to find someone to play regularly. I'll be starting grad school at AState this month but will have time M,T, TH, F and weekends, especially after about 4 pm. I'd be happy to coach someone who wants to learn. I remember how it was when I was learning. I may be 72, but I am active like a 30 year old. LOL Send me an email if you are interested in knowing more or meeting up at Paragould High School courts. If you call me, my calls are screened, so I'll have to call you back if you leave a message.

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