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fwinegar - Castro Valley, CA
Advanced Plus(5.5) | All Styles | Anytime
Also willing to play in tournaments if desired.
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bruno.chartier - Castro Valley, CA
Intermediate (3.5) | All Styles | Weekdays

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JWallace - Castro Valley, CA (Lake Chabot)
Intermediate / Advanced (4.0) | All Styles | Anytime

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Asanman13 - Castro Valley, CA
Intermediate / Advanced (4.0) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
Guam native, I have been playing tennis for over 30 years. I find that it is all the exercise I need in order to stay in relatively great shape.
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A.Farley - Lafayette, CA
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | All Styles | Anytime
Just moved up to the East Bay area and I am looking to play slightly competitive recreational tennis either singles or doubles. I am a decent player...
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Heather - Castro Valley, CA
Intermediate / Beginner (3.0) | All Styles | Weekends
Just looking to get out on the court to have fun and improve my game.
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mrmitch - Castro Valley, CA
Intermediate (3.5) | Competitive / Practice | Weekends

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Adidas - Fremont, CA
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | Casual / Fun | Weekdays
Looking for someone to play with once or twice a week or whenever we have time. I used to be really good, but it's been awhile now so might be a...
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priscillav - Fremont, CA (Union City)
Beginner / Intermediate (2.5) | All Styles | Weekends
19 yrs old, I played in high school but havent played much since (2 yrs.), so Im pretty rusty. I would like to get back into the game. Just looking...
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first_time_user - Fremont, CA
Intermediate (3.5) | All Styles | Weekends

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